DG175 GC (3 phase)

DG175 GC (3 phase)

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Frequency 60 Hz
Natural Gas Rating 175 eKW
Emissions/Fuel Strategy U.S. EPA Certified for Stationary Emergency Application

Технические характеристики

Generator Set Specifications
Frequency 60 Hz
Natural Gas Rating 175 eKW
Emissions/Fuel Strategy U.S. EPA Certified for Stationary Emergency Application
Displacement 864.71 l
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Speed 1800 rpm
Engine Specifications
Engine Model G14.2L Spark Ignited
Fuel System Carburetor, Down Draft
Aspiration Turbocharged - Aftercooled
Governor Type Electronic
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Bore 134.87 mm
Stroke 6.5 in
Generator Set Dimensions
Length 127.95 in
Width 1344.5 mm
Height 67.37 in
Weight 5756 lb

Преимущества и особенности


  • Four-stroke-cycle gas engine combines consistent performance and excellent fuel economy with minimum weight


  • Matched to the performance and output characteristics of Cat engines
  • Industry leading mechanical and electrical design
  • Industry leading motor starting capabilities
  • High Efficiency

EMCP Control Panel

  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Scalable system to meet a wide range of installation requirement
  • Expansion modules and site-specific programming for specific customer requirements

Design Criteria

  • The generator set facilitates compliance with NFPA 110 and meets ISO 8528-5 requirements for transient response
  • Cooling system designed to operate in 50˚C/122˚F ambient temperatures with an air flow restriction of 0.5 in. water

UL 2200 / CSA - Optional

  • UL 2200 Listed packages
  • CSA Certified
  • Certain restrictions may apply
  • Consult with your Cat® Dealer

Worldwide Product Support

  • Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries
  • Your local Cat dealer provides extensive post-sale support, including maintenance and repair agreements

Стандартное оборудование

  • Coolant
    • 50/50 Ethylene glycol antifreeze
    • Factory-installed radiator
    • Closed coolant recovery system
  • Fuel
    • Fuel pressure test po
    • Primary and secondary fuel shut-off
    • Low fuel pressure switch
  • Generator
    • Full load capacity alternator
    • Permanent magnet excitation
    • Class H insulation materia
  • Controls
    • EMCP 4.2 Series generator set controller
  • Mounting
    • Vibration isolaton (puck type)
  • Starting / Charging
    • Battery cables
    • Battery charging alternator
    • Solenoid activated starter motor
    • Engine electrical system

Дополнительное оборудование

  • Generator
    • Thermal magnetic or electronic trip MCCBs
    • Anti-condensation heater
    • Shunt trip and auxiliary contact breaker
  • General
    • UL 2200 package
    • Enclosures: sound attenuated (L1 or L2), weather protective
    • CSA Certification
    • Dual Element or Heavy Duty air cleaner